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Thread: All IP Calls going to AA - How to get them to extension

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    Default All IP Calls going to AA - How to get them to extension


    I have a 6L with 3 PSTN lines and an IP trunk from the ITSP.

    The PSTN lines I have configured to go to the defaul extension but how do I get the SIP trunk to go to a specific extension?

    The trunk was setup using the Wizard and created extension 99 which I have adjusted to forward to the particular IP phone I want it to but all calls from the SIP trunk still go to the AA. What am I missing?


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    When configuring the ITSP using VoIP Wizard, you were asked to specify the extension for incoming calls. Probably you specified the AA there.

    Now to change this, you need to find the extension this wizard has created (most probably that is eext 99), and change the Unconditional Call Forwarding destination on that extension to your desired IP phone. If you do that, there is no way the AA will be activated on incoming calls (of course, if you dodn't play with Call Routing Table..).

    If it still doesn't work, we would need the logs...

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