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Thread: RDP 3389 Dont work, when i reboot epygi its ok

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    Default RDP 3389 Dont work, when i reboot epygi its ok


    After 1 other 2 days the port forwarding 3389 doesn't work anymore, when i reboot my epygi, it work for one other two days.
    Other ports are ok (like vnc). when rdp doesn't work the voice quality is also bad.
    Do you have a reason?
    I have Many many many problem like this one with this PBX

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    Well, lets not mix all the problems together. What refers to the RDP problem - yes, tere is such known problem with Quadro. Please contact Epygi TSS, so they can check if this is exactly the problem we are aware of, and give you a image with a fix...

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    Default Allways no answer from epygi

    i have post on forum , on technical support(always offline) and still no answer, i m a reseller

    of epygi, if you dont want to sell your "hardware" continue like this, i will go to others........

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    Skyline, first - please be more polite, if you want somebody to answer you ever. Second - note the following simple things below:

    1. The forum is not a "tech support", but is for users to help each other. Posting here you can ask for help solving the problem, but nothing more. We are all volunteers here, and when I am trying to help somebody here, I don't expect anything except some appreciation for the time I spend to help you.

    2. Epygi direct technical support is paid. That means - you always can get support from your local distributor (and they can escalate the problem to Epygi, if they are unable to resolve that themselves - the support for distributors is completely free). But if you are not satisfied with the support of your distributor, and want direct support from the manufacturer, you have to pay for that (not a big amount of money, BTW).

    3. Even if you didn't pay, our tech support always answers to mail requests, if they are received from resellers. If the problem is on our side they will never refuse to help you.
    The "Live Support" link, which was really offline, is removed now, and is shown only to people who have permission to request direct support from Epygi. For them it is "Online".

    So you have 4 options now:
    1. Contact your local distributor, and ask them for help.
    2. Open a ticket on support portal. I would never believe you if you tell that you opened a ticket and received no answer. Please don't tell that to me, as this is simply not true. Open the ticket, and you'll get answer in 1 day.
    3. Send a mail request to, indicate your name, your account (you may tell them that it is me who told you to write them). Tell them you have RDP port forwarding problem.
    4. "Go to others", as you wrote above.

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