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Thread: conference bridge on Quadro 4x

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    Default conference bridge on Quadro 4x

    Still surfing on the wave of the new feature (call recording) extended from 32x to Q4x/16x, I wondering if there is a possibility to have a smaller conference bridge (maybe 6/12 participants) into the Q4x/16x

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    Hans T

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    Technically this could be done (we even had a "chatroom" feature integrated in 4x/16x at some time, though I don't think this was ever released), but I don't think our marketing people will like the idea - the conferencing ability is distinguishing feature for the M32x...
    You can ask them abouth that, however. This discussion was done long ago, and maybe they have changed their opinion since...

    The conference feature more likely could be integrated into the newer HW platforms (coming probably somewhere next year). They will be more powerful (and supposedly more expensive) - something between 4x/16x and M32x.

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