Previously our PBX was an Asterisk (boo, hiss!!)[img]smileys/smiley7.gif[/img] system.

As part of that setup we had an FCT (Fixed Cellular Terminal) connected
to an FXO port, which allowed us to transfer calls to our agents mobile
phones free of charge thanks to Vodafone Group plans here in NZ.

As part of our auto attendant scheme, when a caller rang the support
department our system would ring all support agents phones, and if no
one answered within 15 seconds the next step was a round robin call
hunt through the support agents cell phones. This worked really well,
because we could leave our desks and still receive calls.

I am trying to setup the equivelant system in the Quadro4X unit.

The only way I could see to do this was to create a range of virtual
extensions (40 - 42) which all unconditionally forward to an individual
cell phone number (The call routing table is already setup to send
calls to these cell phone numbers only through the FXO port that the
FCT is attached to).

I then also created a user extension (26) - and added the 40-42
extensions to the Call Hunt list. But in the Call Hunting list each ext
"Line Status" is showing Not Attached (which I can understand) but when
I dial ext 26, all I get is "Number dialled, temporarily unavailable".

Is there another way I could achieve the desired result? Even using VXML possibly?