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Thread: Route to the FXO

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    Default Route to the FXO

    We have a Quadro 4i and Quadro FXO. We want route the call with the secuence 687 to the Quadro FXO port 6 for outbound call. We try with the secuence:
    P: 687?*
    NDS: 3
    port(s): FXO6@
    Filter * PBX

    But not run.

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    The sequence is correct. This should work ok.

    Do you dial from local PBX phones?
    What do you listen when you dial lets say 687555?
    Can yu enable developer logging, and attach here the Call Controller logs after you try to dial 687555?

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    The problem is solved. I do not know what the solution is, but after restarting both devices everything works fine.

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