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Thread: Call recording on Quadro.

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    Red face Call recording on Quadro.

    Hey Guy's,
    Just a quick question, thanks in advance Davrays or KS Comms, but I have a small prob I'm hoping you can help me with? The solution is there ....... I know ........ but I grow weary in my old age and have sought the easy way!
    I have set up my 4x with a usb 4gig flash .......... set all emails to there .......... set the req'd extns to unlimited and given them 3hrs 20mins recording time. I conference to the extn and have a message on mail that says " you are being recorded" ......... all works well.
    I've recorded and emailed conference calls in excess of 60mins with my setup, so that is fine.
    The problem I have is .......... if there is silence for 15-20secs ........... the Quadro disconnects to vmail and I hear a "thank you for calling message".
    I am aware that I probably cannot see the tree's for the leaves!!!!!
    I'm getting old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gimme a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And thanks again Dav and Kev or whomever!!

    Oh yeah............ its a 4xquadro running latest firmware with aastra 480i's using latest "Epygi Approved" firmware.
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    Hidden "generalconfig.cgi" ->"Enable VM silence disconnect"/"Disconnect timeout"

    Or just make some noise during recording

    Best regards,

    P.S. Truly saying I am the one who was always against adding such kind of "silence disconnect" feature, but there are other people here at Epygi who believe there is more benefit in this feature, than harm. That timeout is necessary to avoid hanging calls in case of some call disconnect problems (for example for FXO->VM calls).

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    Thanks again davrays.

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