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Thread: Issue with Kirk (Polycom) WS300 and handsets

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    Question Issue with Kirk (Polycom) WS300 and handsets


    anyone is using this DECT cell?
    We have an issue with handsets other than Kirk (Polycom):
    you cannot refuse a call from called handset.
    We have tested with some Siemens and Panasonic, but
    only with a KIRK 2010 we can refuse calls pressing red button.
    Anyone is experimenting this issue?

    Regards, Lunacom.

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    I cannot tell anything related to the subject (as we don't use the 3-rd party phones with KWS300), but as soon as we are speaking about those phones, I want to add that Epygi is going to add autoconfiguration and PnP support for KWS300 soon...

    I know that is not directly related to the question above, so this is just to give a general info

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