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    Hi I have a few Quadros in the field with the same firewall settings & inbound rules active. The problem is one of the boxes does not permit PPTP passthrough. It is enabled however whenever the firewall is on medium setting you cannot dial in via pptp. If you turn the firewall off you can dial in. Now I have identical rules active on 4 Quadros & 3 work yret this one misbehaves. I have quadruple checked rules, permitted subnets for access etc. In my mind it is relatively simple. In the Filtering rules for inbound you enable PPTP pass through & it should work. Any help would be appreciated. I know I have been vague on the config, however the basics should be the same for allowing PPTP pass through. Cheers Brad

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    ... do you have a PPTP connection running on that Quadro itself? I remember problems using the PPTP passthrough on the Quadro, when Quadro's self PPTP is used...

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    What is Quadro FW version that fails? Is it the same with the units that are correctly working?

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    Hi the PPTP server is running on the Quadro @ the same time. The FW versions are different. The older version (need to check) is giving the problems. Brad

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    Ok, then first of all you need to make sure you upgrade the faulty unit to a version, which works OK on other units... There is a big chance that the problem is fixed now (as it really existed on the older versions). Truly speaking, some minor problems in this configuration (PPTP passthrough used together with PPTP running on the Quadro, which is a config I would suggest to avoid, if possible) still may exist in the current versions too, but the big deal of them is fixed, so it worths to upgrade.

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    Hi David
    I upgraded the 16x to the latest firmware. I have decided against PPTP passthrough & running PPTP server on Quadro. It is working fine now. Cheers Brad

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