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    Is it possible to create a VPN from a Snom to a Quadro to stop any NAT issues.

    I need a customer to take Snom 300 with him travelling many sites around the world they will not know the infrastructure they will find when travelling maybe hotel or business premises is it possible.

    I tried a Snom from my location behind a Belkin router and it worked fine so sent it to customer in post and he tried it behind a Vigor 2820n and it fails ?

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    It is quite expected behavior that the phone which was configured to work behind some router is not working behind the other. Because the network settings of the phone need to be configured for the network where the phone is located. But what is more important the router should be configured to allow the phone to work in it's network, i.e. the SIP and RTP ports should be assigned to the phone or the router should be dedicated Full Cone NAT router. Otherwise the phone way work incorrectly.

    Seems the VPN solution will work for your case. It may be required only to fine tune the phone's network configurations for every network (i.e. in the different networks you will need to configure the IP address and gateway or use DHCP for the specific network).

    But Snom supports VPN starting from firmware 7.3.23 ( ), which is not tested with Quadro yet, and it is not as simple to configure as it could be. Anyway you can install that firmware and try it on your own risk. For configuring the VPN on Snom phone you should create the tarball file with configurations and certificates and provide it to the phone using it's web interface ( ).

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