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Thread: FXO Disconnect Settings for Switzerland

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    Default FXO Disconnect Settings for Switzerland

    Our QuadroFXO (Analog, FW 5.1.13) is unable to detect the disconnect signal. With the default settings for Switzerland (System->System Config Wizard), neither busy tone detection nor disconnect detection works. After we have set the 'Duration' and 'Silence' Parameters in to 500 ms, busy tone detection finally works, but disconnect detection still does not.

    The disconnect signal here consists of a repeated sequence of a 425Hz tone played for 200 ms, followed by 200ms silence. However, I cannot see how those disconnect detection parameters can be entered into fxocfg.cgi. Any hints?


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    Look at thread where David gives a beautiful and comprehensive description of configuring the FXO settings:


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    jfilus, we have got inquiry from our distributor in Switzerland on this. The problem is - you have two different singnals for disconnectio, while Quadro has just one place to configure the disconnectio/busy tones. As far as I know you have already applied a workaround (configured settings to cover both tones).
    We, from our side, will include this into our to-do list to consider for future development.

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