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Thread: Diferences between new features "Listen-in", "Whisper", "Barge-in"

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    Question Diferences between new features "Listen-in", "Whisper", "Barge-in"

    Hi everybody !

    I can't see the diferences between the new features "Listen-in", "whisper" and "Barge-in" on Quadro 32M; especialy because my english is very poor !

    The manual isn't so clear.

    It's true that this features are not dependant to the ACD feature ¿?

    Best regards and thanks in advance.

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    These features have nothing to do with ACD. They are different features and intended for different purposes.

    The difference in the "Listen-in", "Whisper" and "Barge-in" is the mode the user barge-in to the call.
    When the user barge in in "Listen-in" mode (*91), he can hear the call participants but they will not hear the "barge-in"ed caller.
    If somebody barge in as "Whisper" (*92), he will hear the participants but only the extension user to which the caller "barge-in"ed will listen the "barge-in"ed caller.
    When the user barge-in in "Barge-in" mode (*93), he will hear call participants and everyone will hear him.


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