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Thread: Power failure- "FAULT" LED shows up

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    Exclamation Power failure- "FAULT" LED shows up

    We have an unexpected power failure, after that FAULT & INFO LED lights shows up continuosly even though i restart, not able to login too.

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    How do theu blink? I mean do FAULT & INFO LEDs blink in sequence, or together?

    It is very possible that your device has entered to the emergency recover state, and you will have to proceed with emergency recover procedure... That is described on the CD which you got with Quadro.

    But before trying that, it worth to try something else (as the recovery procedure will reset the configurationof your device). Did you try to unplug the device from the power and power it again in a minute?
    If this doesn't help, your second option is to factory-reset the unit, and try to connect from the LAN side to the IP If that doesn't help too, you have to do emergency recover procedure.

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