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Thread: Not able to receive call

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    Default Not able to receive call

    Having problem with reveiving call to my Voip DID number. Attendant never answer.

    - I use the wizzard to Add the Voip Provider
    - FXO set to route incoming FXO to Extension 00
    - Route all incoming SIP calls to Call is not selected

    More Info:

    - No firewall or router in front of Quadro.
    - Outgoing IP call works fine

    Please follow my logs:

    Logs are removed by DVR.

    Registration on SIP Servers
    Extension Reg. Name Server Registered Registration Time

    removed by DVR.

    Interface name IP address Subnet Mask Properties Monitor
    removed by DVR.

    Any idea what could be wrong with my setup ?


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    I have an impression that your incoming call (to 4502746162) goes to routing, matches some pattern there and forwards to the same number at

    First of all, this means that your Quadro is unprotected and is completely open for abusing by unaithorised calls. Taking into account that you have publicly written in the post above the full information about IP addresses etc of your device, this device now is really in danger!!

    Please, secure your device as soon as possible !!! There is a document in the Epygi downloads area telling how to prevent unauthorised calls.

    Second, you need to understand why the call to 4502746162 reaches Call Routing Table. Do you have an extension with 4502746162 set as username? In the VoIP carrier wizard you entered the main account number, and calls to that account will reach the AA. But is the 4502746162 that account or it is just one of the several DID's you got?

    Best regards,

    P.S. I removed the internal info from your post above.

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