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Thread: IP lines appears disabled

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    Default IP lines appears disabled

    We have a Quadro 4xi with 4 FXO, 4 FXS, Firmware Version: 5.1.30, and a "Quadro4x Feature Key: IP Phone Support key registered."

    The problem is the following:

    1. The "Quadro4x Feature Key: IP Phone Support" appears in Systems/Feature IP as "Phone support, Support for additional IP Phones (Old) Activated"

    2. Now when we try to activate the IP LINE 31, it appears IP Line 31 (disabled).

    3. Now we can't use more than 28 IP LINES.



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    Rene, there are two different keys:

    1. IP Phone support/Support for additional IP Phones - that is the feature keys which we sell currently, and they activate 16 additional IP lines.

    2. IP Phone support/Support for additional IP Phones (Old) - that is the feature keys, which we sold long time ago (something about 3-5 years ago), and at that time the line capacity of the Quadro was different. The total number of lines on Q4x, which is delivered by that old feature key, was even less than you have now on your device by default, without any feature key. Thats why that key doesn't add you any new lines. Actually that key is useless to you now.
    To enable new lines, you need to buy the regular IP line key of the type 1 above.

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    Thx David.

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