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    Default cannot make calls to registered extensions on

    I have implemented 4 epygi 2x units for a client over a period of time. The latest unit can make sip calls to the others, but cannot receive sip calls from them. when I dial the epygi sip number of the extension preceded with an 8 from the older units, it says "number dialed does not exist", however I can see on the new unit it shows all the extensions as registered with

    I have also tried dialing the full sip number ( from a soft phone without success.

    The only thing that I can pick up that is different, is the fact that the new unit has a 9 digit sip number i.s.o an 8. does this maybe have something to do with it?

    Could someone please dial that number and see if you can connect to the auto attendant?


    I also phoned from different sip provider, also does not work, however I can dial the other units. seems like this is a epygi sip service issue. Does this mean I must pay for support to get it sorted out?

    Many thanks

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    so got the fix.

    Firstly, thanks to the guys from evenflow for supporting me and getting to the bottom of it. For some reason on this firmware, if you forward sip calls to call routing table it doesn't work. So either switch it off, or upgrade the firmware.

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    Which firmware is that, Anton?

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