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    I have a problem sending faxes via IP. I have put the T.38 stuff in the extensions, but my provider tells me I am not sending T.38. I have tried with another ITSP and it happens the same. Is there anyone sending faxes via IP? Does it really works?

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    It really works on Quadro, however you have to be sure that it is supported by ITSP. If they support that then as soon as your fax extension on Quadro starts sending the fax, the ITSP's gateway needs to initiate switching the media to T.38 sending the SIP re-Invite to Quadro. In other words, if the fax is being sent from Quadro side, the initiator of T.38 should be the provider end. In case if the fax is being sent from provider end, the initiator of T.38 swich over is Quadro

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    Many ITSPs have chosen tonot support faxing over IP. They will state that if faxing is requred, to get a dedicated land line. This is unfortunate since faxing over IP should work.Also, many ITSPs do not fully support T.38. If you are faxing from an extn, you can also try with the T.38 option turned off. I have found that this will usually work. Most importantly, the first thing is to ensure that the extn is set to do G.711 (PCMU/PCMA).

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