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Thread: best video phone

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    Default best video phone

    I am looking for a high quality video sip phone (h264/h263) ideally with a tactile screen.
    I have tested a grandstream gvx3005 and with the later firmware it does what it says but let's say it's not that sexy.

    I'm considering the following but no one wants to loan me one to test !

    Grandstream GVX3140 - looks tactile

    Snom 870
    - But i don't think it has any native video codecs (camera it less important) as typical useage will be to view a mobotix ip gate camera.

    Polycom VVX1500
    - But no tactile screen

    Nortel 1535

    looks nice but no tactile

    Any comments on any of the above phones or some good alternatives known to work with the quadro would be welcome.


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    Nish, as far as I know Polycom VVX1500 does have touch-sensitive display (at least it reacts on my finger touch.. not sure about yours ).

    That phone is the one, which is best tested with Quadro for compatibility (and we have specially finetuned our software to work best with that phone). So I would recommend you to pay more attention on that one.

    Best regards,

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    Nortel 1535 is a best video phone. So please try to concentrate on this phone more.Thank you .

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    Default Gvx3140


    GXV3140 is wonderful, could you tried to do something for it, it deserves.

    Florent H.

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    The model tandberg e20 is compatible with epygi there is a link:


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    Actually I have installed the prior versions that have h323 and sip compatability onto another branded IP PBX that works well...
    I am sure it should work as other and with H263/264 support ...


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    Epygi is also working on support for the Yealink VP-2009 SIP Video Phone.

    Today we plan to support the Polycom VVX1500 and future version, Yealink VP-2009, and snom 870. Since Epygi is purely standards based, any h.263 and h.264 conforming to the SIP standard should work with our IP PBX solutions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warren View Post
    Since Epygi is purely standards based, any h.263 and h.264 conforming to the SIP standard should work with our IP PBX solutions.
    ummm ... Epygi is purely standards based ? or the Quadro's



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    Be careful when you google Hernandez's suggestion ...

    Here is what Google warns about some of the sites for ACN



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    Default interested

    Im very interested in your phones. Let me know how I can obtain a couple for testing in a actual office.

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