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Thread: Findme / Followme not working

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    Default Findme / Followme not working

    I upgraded to 5.1.27 and tried the feature.

    It seems that the Auto Attendant 00 extension is the one attempting to dial out through my SIP trunk, yet the call does not go through.

    When I check the status under unsuccessful outgoing call I see that it was "Request Rejected". I tried with another SIP provider and still the same problem.

    When I call from any other extension, it works fine.

    Any ideas?

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    Most probably your call does not pass authorisation by the SIP provider.

    You wwould neeed to define exactly which routing rule the call goes through, and make sure you have the authorization information on that rule (either the username/password, or "Use Extension Settings" set to the extension containing an ITSP account.

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