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Thread: Support for Linksys SPA-941 IP-Phones

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    We have started to deploy Linksys SPA-941 IP-Phones to our customer,
    for the benefit of providing "wi-fi" desktop phones (SPA range IP-Phone
    + a Linksys WBP54G wi-fi dongle), as this bypasses the need of adding
    network cables to the existing premises.

    Now the Quadro does support the SPA-841 (SPA-941's predecessor), is any
    plan in the near future to support SPA-941/942 too? Whilst going wi-fi
    does cut out the cabling cost for customers, I'd hate to manually
    configure all the SPA-941 handsets. The automatic configuration of
    supported IP-Phones from the Quadro is something too good to give up! [img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

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    We have plans for supporting SPA-941 model, but it is not finally decided yet.

    For the auto-configuraiton purposes you can try to use the Sipura 841 from drop-down list. We cannot check it as the phone is not on our testing lab yet. But I do not expect any major differences for the auto-configuration files for those models. Please let me know if SPA-841 auto configuration will work for you.

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    I tried the SPA-841 from the drop-down list, however it didn't seem to
    automatically configure our SPA-941 handset. Can you find out from
    Linksys/Sipura whether there's much config changes from 841 to 941?

    Hopefully you will support auto-config for this handset soon.

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    Thanks for the checking.

    We have investigated theLinksys documentation, and the difference is only the name of the defalutconfiguration file (but not the content). But our tftp server is read onlydue to security reasons. So it is not currently possible to change the name of generated configuration file. I will let you know if there will be final decision on Linksys phone models support.

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    Thank you Harutyun.

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    I will love to see this configuration available.

    I also have this phones.

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    We have also started to deploy SPA941 phones

    We use the manuel configuration for the moment. The main problem is the xfer button on the phone which does not work. (transfer).

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    Just curious.

    Is the quality of the call OK with these WIFI phones considering other WIFI traffic?

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    We have been deploying the IP-Phones on a separate LAN to the existing
    data network, so the only wi-fi traffic are voice traffic. Seems to be
    working well so far. (Of course, adding extra APs as we add more wi-fi

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    I should have an update on the Linksys engagement soon. I will post the details once I finish discussion with Linksys.

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