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Thread: Support for Linksys SPA-941 IP-Phones

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    Quote Originally Posted by davrays View Post
    Update/anounce: starting from the upcoming (most probably next week) 5.0.16 release the Linksys SPA941, SPA942, SPA921, SPA922 models are in the "Tested IP Phones" list. That means the autoconfiguration of those phones is supported.
    That is great news, But not the SPA962? That would be a pity, especially since it is almost exactly the same as the others except with a color screen, and is very popular/common. Please include support in the next release if it isnt in this one.

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    SPA962 may be the same internally, but may be not...
    We don't have that particular phone tested, so cannot guarantee anything, thus cannot add that to the "tested phones list".
    Hopefully we will get it tested soon, so can add that in one of the next releases (but definitely not to the next).

    Best regards,

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    The config if the phones is almost exactly the same.. the main difference is that the 962 has two more lines and configuration options for the SPA932 - and in the the latest firmware (6.1.3) some of the options to using a line key as speeddial/busy lamp field/pickup button aren't in the phone tab but the SPA932 tab.

    By the way I upgraded my phones over the week-end (to 6.1.3) and in RFC mode the new line key functionality works fine with the Quadro.. speeddial, blf and pickup combined work like a charm. Just set the extension to disabled and use the vid parameter to specify which of the phone's line should be used for the line key functionality.

    Now if only the Quadro would offer LDAP access for the corporate directory, you could use the other major new function in the 6.1.3 firmware.

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    Can you post exactly what settings you used for the BLF functionality. I followed what was in the readme and it didnt work for me.

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    Suppose you use line1 as the regular line and want the line button2 as blf. Go to the admin page, phone tab, set server type to RFC3265_4235.

    Then under Line Key2:
    Set extension to disabled.
    Set Share Call Appearance to shared.
    SetExtended Function to:

    fnc=sd+blf+cp;sub=extensionnumber@$PROXY;ext=exten sionnumber@$PROXY;vid=1

    Replace "extensionnumber" with the extension you want to monitor.

    Note that vid=1 means "use line1 to make the call, subscribe for blf and pick up the call". If you are using Line3 to register with your quadro instead, it would be vid=3.
    You can also replace $PROXY with the ip address of your quadro, however this is not necessary since the way it is set up, it gets the IP address from the proxy field from the line identified by vid=.

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