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    I have two sites, both with an Epygi. I have a VPN connection between the sites. I am able to from site B connect to my Snom on site A via web browser.

    Site A ip:
    Site B ip:

    I have a Microtik Firewall on each site that creates permanent VPN.

    Will the two Epygi's only communicate via the WAN port, or could I configure the LAN port to do so?

    Is there a IP Gateway setting for the LAN port?


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    Although it is theoretically possible to communicate via the LAN port (some of our *too advanced and creative* customers are doing that), we do not recommend to do that, as it could create multiple problems, and that is not a tested, and moreover recommended configuration.

    So it is better to communicate to the outside world through the WAN port only.

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