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Thread: Current call summary on Snom 370

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    Default Current call summary on Snom 370

    Following a firmware update to 5.1.19 on our epygi box, we suddenly had a feature on our snom 370 reception phone that shows the current calls on the system. ie the screen shows a list of the incoming and outgoing calls with both the callerid and extension number.

    This is great as the receptionist can see who is on a call and to whom....

    However at some of our clients the feature does not seem to happen on the same setup.

    Does anyone know the name of this feature and if there is a setting to enable / disable?

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    actually these are setting of the phone. You can play with the following options on "advanced"->"behaviour" tab of the phone:
    Dialog-Info Call Pickup:
    Show display name in Dialog-Info:
    Show dialog info call pickup on xml screen:

    In new images we allow to set or un-set "Dialog-Info Call Pickup" parameter (from "Template" mechanism). You can see the caller id ... of the monitored extensions (configured as "watched" on the receptionist phone)

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