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Thread: Second VPN connection

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    Default Second VPN connection

    I have setup two vpn connections to the same firewall with two different networks behind the firewall. As I can only define one network within an ipsec connection I had to setup two connections.
    And it worked in the past. I don't no what I have changed (shame on me) but since a few weeks I can only start one connection. When starting the second connection I got the error message "one ipsec connection is already established to the gateway".

    Has anyone an idea how to setup two ipsec-vpn-connections to the same gateway?

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    We found the solution. Firmware 0501-1900 does not allow to make two separate tunnels to the same gateway! We reinstalled 0500-1900 and the vpn part was working again.

    The question which remains is "is it a bug?" or "is it a new limitation?".

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