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    Default IP Address Change

    Hi There,
    I have a Quadro 32X that was working fine until I did Factory Default.
    The quadro itself seems tobe working alright, however when I go to change the default IP address in the System Wizard from to ( I get to the end of the wizard, then when you normally click finish, ytou have to then change the IP address on your computer to matcht he new IP address. Once at the new IP address you hten click OK to confirm the settings. My problem is that when I click finish ont he wizard, the OK to confirm comes up before I change to the new IP address and when I click this, the quadro locks up and I have to power down tht equadro and start again. It is just an endless cycle, I cant change the IP address which is going to be a big problem....

    Any suggestions...I'm on the latest firmware (5.1.21)...

    Also, I did a config backup prior to starting with my old configuration which was on and if I upload that again itworks fine.....

    If anyone can helpt hat would be great.... :-)

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    Well, first of all you need to make sure there is no IP conflict in your network. I mean - may it be that the is used by some other device?

    I have never listed about such problem before. Did you try the following: change the IP, click finish, ignore the confirmation dialog, if that comes up, then change the IP address on your PC to the, connect to the Quadro and only then click "OK" in the confirmation dialog? The Quadro waits for the confirmation for the 20 minutes, so you have a plenty of time.

    Another possible workaround: you can connect from the WAN sidee, and change the LAN IP from there. This will be the easiest for you, though we will never know what was the reason of the problem

    Best regards,

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