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Thread: Auto configure SnomM3

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    Default Auto configure SnomM3

    How would I go about auto configuration of the snomM3?

    My M32 is the DHCP server (which I presume hands out the option 66 and 67 ??)

    My M3 has certainly picked up its IP from the M32, and I have the M3 configured with its MAC address on an IP Line.

    System status on the M3 handset shows the Mac, IP and 'Boot status', which says it is Failed. Not sure what that means.

    Any ideas?


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    There is 2 semicircles on the left top side of the screen of the handset. The left semicircle shows the status of connection to the base station, the right one shows the SIP registration status. The yellow semicircle shows the successful status, the black - failed. So which of the semicircles is black in your case?


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