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Thread: Quadro6L KSE mode FXO hang

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    Default Quadro6L KSE mode FXO hang


    I found the note below in “Release Note Quadro6L 5.0.26, Edition 1” in the Fixed Issues since 5.0.22:
    FXO may hang up in case of KSE usage
    D: In some scenarios with KSE usage FXO may hang up and became unavailable.

    The description is exactly what I'm experiencing with firmware version 5.0.26.

    -Do any one knows about this fix?
    -Any suggestions about finding out if this still an issue in 5.0.26?

    I'm out of options. The Quadro6L FXO lines hang every 3-4 days; only the FXO interface hangs, the rest of the functions keep working.


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    If the problem is in the Fixed Issues than most probably you are having other problem with similar behavior. But as your reported problem can not be figured out without deeper investigation of logs and captures it is reasonable to contact your local reseller or distributor, or if you have already bought a support plan, contact directly to Epygi's Technical Support.


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