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Thread: No Audio or Caller ID on call forward

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    Cool No Audio or Caller ID on call forward

    System: Quadro 4X 4FXO
    Config: ITSP (Broadvox)
    Firmware: 5.1.18
    Boot loader: 5.0.3
    WAN connection: Public IP - no firewall.
    CRT Config: RTP Proxy enabled

    Call flow: ITSP --> QUADRO --> EXT --> Unconditional CFWD --> Auto-x xxx xxxxxx --> ITSP

    The calls come through but, no audio or caller-id. No ring tone on the caller side either.

    Any Ideas?


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    Is the RTP proxy enabled on Quadro for mentioned call flow? If no, then in case of unconditional call forward the Quadro vanishes from the site and the ITSP is responsible for future call between its two accounts.

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