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Thread: Caller ID

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    Well, Mike, I don't think you really need to strip IP from the caller id to solve your problem. If I understand right, the problem is with callback ony - you want phones not to callback directly to the xxxxxx@<gateway ip>, but to xxxxxx, so that number will pass through Call Routing Table..

    For that you can use the "*@<gateway ip>"-like rule in Call Routing table.
    Add a rule (one or more) with pattern=*@<gateway ip>, with the other datails you need.

    I.e. if you have a rule 021*, calltype=ISDN, etc, add another rule like 021*@, calltype=ISDN, etc.

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    P.S. If this doesn't help, I would need the SIP and Call manager logs from Quadro, containing one such callback attempt, and SIP trace log from the Snom for the same call.

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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I've have the exact same problem with callback on phones trying to route using the ISDN IP.

    The suggested solution does not work as you can't route to ISDN if the rule contains a '@'.


    Relevant XKCD:

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