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Thread: Supportline, with a call queue

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    Default Supportline, with a call queue

    We have a Quadro2xi with a ISDN line connect to it.

    We have right now connected 5 phones to it.

    One of the phones have to function as a supportline. When a customer calls this number, they will hear somthing like: "Welcome to ..... Please wait". The supportphone needs to ring and the supporter answer the phone. If another customer calls when, the supporter are busy, while talking to the first customer, the customer will hear: "Welcome to ..... Please wait", "Our support is very busy, please wait", and the they gonna hear som waiting music. Every 30 sek or somthing the vil hear somthing like: "We are still busy, plase wait"

    How do i setup this?

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    you set up queuing on the extension that needs to ring


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    We have tryed it, and i worked just fine. But if we have another setup, where the incommaing calls are routed for the extension 80 and the supporter in the company have the extension 10. Then extension 80 have an Many Extension Ringing for extension 10, and call queue are activated on extension 80, then it will not work.

    How can we set this up, when we have added this extra extension, because the the supportjob is in rotation for our employees.
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    You can set up that easily by simply enabling the Call Queue on the ext.80.
    Just note that the incoming calls will not go to Call Queue until the phones in MER list has a line fore answering the call. For example if the phone in MER list is busy with call but it has a Call Waiting enabled on it, that will mean that the next call will not go to the Queue but will ring the busy phone with second call.
    So only in case when all the phones will be busy with all their available lines the call will go to Call Queue.
    What is not working in your case? Where are going the calls when the all extensions in MER list are busy?

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    It works now. It was Call Waiting that was enabled.

    Now i works just fine

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