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Thread: Reset voicemail password

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    Default Reset voicemail password

    Hi, we have a shared voicemail account which we access through the AA - somebody has changed the password and forgotten it so we can't access the mailbox to record new greetings. Is there a way we can reset the voicemail password through the interface?

    I've tried changing the password on the user extension general page but with no luck.


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    Under USERS the Extensions Management page in administrator mode, go to the YourAccount Settings

    settings and change the password there...

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    Default something isn't right

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I've done what you said and had no luck - the extension still won't let me log into the mailbox via the AA. I've also tried:

    1. Unticking the box on voicemail settings to request the password for remote connections
    2. Deleting the extension and rebuilding it

    Any other ideas?


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    All that is extremely strange. Thee action you did should reset the password. It look syou do something wrong.

    Lets say you call to AA. Then you press "*0". It tells "Please login", right? You dial the extension number and hash ('#"). What do you listen?

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    Smile How to reset extension password

    I have the same problem. User don't remember his voice mail password
    We dial *85 then the extension 41# and the system asks for a password
    It's this one I want to reset ! But where ?
    I try to change it in users => extension management => edit 41 => general settings

    But it doesn't work !!!

    Many thanks

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    This issue is not reproducible. It is possible to change the password using both two ways:
    -thru the GUI management in users => extension management =>general settings,
    -thru the option 4 (change your password) after dialing *0 or *85 on the phone

    Is it possible you are using some non-official test FW version?


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    Default How to reset extension password

    Many thanks I understand my problem !
    It's not the password that is wrong but the system doesn't recognise our dialing
    It's on a share voicemail and after *85 extension number# the IPBX doesn't recognise the dialing (it seems to be a bug) ?!?
    What is the best way to have one voice mail for external calls that can be listened by every body easily ?


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