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Thread: Use Cellular phone to open Gates - for free?

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    Cool Use Cellular phone to open Gates - for free?

    Gate entry system is actually a FXS extension, configured so that when it is called and it answers, a 2 digit DTMF 'key' activates the gate relay.
    So: using dedicated VoIP incoming trunk for gate operation and 2 stage call forwarding someone can call the dedicated number and call forwarding will call the gate extension and send the required DTMF. This works fine.

    However, this does require the call to be answered - which when using celular phones as gate opening remotes becomes expensive.

    What is needed is the ability to recieve incoming call to a dedicated (VoIP!) incoming number and for the caller to be identified as authorised by CLI, then for the call to be hung up and for another call to be placed to the gate FXS, with the required DTMF. There are devices on the market ( and others) that do this using a GSM reciver, but it would be really useful to be able to utilise an existing Epygi to offer this function.

    Callback nearly offers this - but not from incoming IP call and not with auto hangup (both of which would be useful on callback anyway)...

    Can anyone offer suggestions?

    Many thanks,


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    As I wrote in another thread (, you can use callback for SIP calls in 5.1.x versions, so you can configure it as you intended... No autohangup yet, but I don't think this is a big problem...

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