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Thread: Routing remote calls via local FXO port(s)

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    Default Routing remote calls via local FXO port(s)


    I have a setup of Quardo2X and a Quadro4X gateways connected over a Internet. Routing calls from extensions via any registered VOIPGateway (viatalk, vonage etc.) is no problem, but when I try to route calls placed say from ext. registered on my Quadro2X via the FXO port on Quadro4X it just won't work.

    I know I'm missing something, but just can't figure out what exactly.

    Does anybody has any suggestions how to overcome this small issue ;-)


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    You need to do that using "call Routing table". Which records did you add for that on both Quadros?

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    BTW, a small hint: the problem could have from the "Inbound filter" set to PBX on the FXO rule of destination Quadro.

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