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Thread: Call recording on 4x

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    Smile Call recording on 4x

    Any idea when this will be available?


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    You can record with all of the Epygi Quadro units right now.



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    Hey Kevin, please develop...The call recording function is not available only for 32x at this time ???


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    Default Call recording on 4x/16x

    Hi All,

    The call recording for 4x/16x will be available with the new FW version 5.1.31 in a few days

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    Thanks for the Info Ashot,

    Hans T

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    You can always do the cheats way of recording,
    Use a usb stick. ( i use 4gig)
    Create and assign memory to a fictive created extn.
    Turn " Voice mail" on.
    Record a message "You are being recorded" if needed, and load as greeting.
    Go to user settings for req'd extn.
    Go to voice mail setting and change max time from 5 mins to unlimited.
    Set voice mail to email (optional)
    Set remove voice mail on send.
    Put in email address

    Go to routing and create rule (eg 9999)
    Strip 4 digits and put fictive extn as prefix.
    Select "voicemail" from drop down list.
    Follow prompts

    When required simply conference the call to the fictive number (9999).
    You can either blank or let caller hear "you are being recorded message" by timing the final conference button press.
    I've successfully recorded conversations of up to 27mins with this technique. Max recording time assigned is 3.5 hours.
    The email for 27 mins was around 18 meg.

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