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    Hi, I'm new to this voip stuff, but have been a network engineer for years.

    I have just recently purchased a quadro 2x, and have a cisco 7940 phone.
    How would I go about connecting these two? etc.

    Please start from the beginning :P
    I have noticed that the quadro 2x only supports certain phones, hence my question.
    If you could possibly outline to me why the two won't work together out of the box, I would really appreciate that.
    From what I understood but use the SIP protocol.

    I found this documentation here for the cisco 7960, i wish there was one for the 7940.
    Many Thanks
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    Hi, there are 3 categories of IP-Phones that can be configured and used with Quadro.

    1. Recommended phones - these are the Snom and Aastra phones. Quadro supports P-n-P functionality and all the Quadro features (like Call Hold, Transfer, etc.) for them.
    2. Tested phones - all other phones in the phone's list in the IP-Lines settings page (Cisco 7960, Grandstream, Polycom, etc). Quadro supports Autoprovisioning for these phones, but certine features may not work.
    3. Other phones, that are out of Recommended and Tested phones. These phones can be configured with Quadro in manual way, if they work according to SIP RFCs, but we do not gurantee the full functionality of all Quadro features using that phones.

    We have several documents on our WEB, under "Support Login -> Downloads" section describing how to configure and use Quadro features on Recommended and Tested phones, but unfortunately there is no one describing Cisco 7940, as that phone was not tested with Quadro in our lab. As you understand, there are a lot of different models of IP-Phones and we can't cover all of them. I remember some topics in our forum from other customers concerning configuring Cisco 7941 and 7970. If I am not mistaken, they finally succeeded with that phones' registration. You can use Search tool to find that customers and get in touch with them - maybe they'll provide a step-by-step instructions, or maybe they'll answer to this thread

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    I sent back the 7940 - not POE compatible.

    instead I purchased a 7961, and updated it to SIP firmware (purchased a smartnet from cisco for $9).

    I read everything I could find on the net about upgrading the firmware, and configuring the phone.
    these are the main links I looked at

    and then I found this video tutorial - I wish I had found this first :P

    I know some of the phone models are different, but these links should work for just about and 79xx cisco phone.

    I hope this helps someone in their search for how to get these suckers configured.

    Now its just onto how to configure the auto attendant on my quadro, so that ppl can dial a number upon calling the company to be put through to the right department..... not sure where to start, it seems quite scattered on the quadro, but thats just because I haven't done it yet.

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    Hi Jurgen, thanks for links, they will be a big help for other our members.
    I'll reply to your thread about configuring Quadro Auto Attendant.

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