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    Hi Guys,
    I have a client who we have installed a Quadro 6Lv2 w/ 2x Aastra55i phones for Reception and 6x Aastra 9311i for the offices.

    We have setup Call Parking ont he Quadro and programmed in BLF Keys ont he 55i's to replicate the old 'key' system (we would use the built in emulator however we have had too many troubles with our SIP accounts on this).

    When a call is parked, and you go to answer it again, the remote party does not hear any audio. The audio is sent from the remote party to the 55i's OK. (The remote party DOES hear the on hold music sent by the VOIP carrier when the call has been parked)

    This used to work fine hwoever it has just stopped all of a sudden these last few weeks.
    Can somebody please help? I am pulling my hair out over this!


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    Which firmware version of Quadro6L you are using? There was such problem in 5.1 early versions of 2x/4x/16x, so I suppose something like that could appear in 6L versions too, if you use 5.1 versions..

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