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Thread: Keep ringing extensions despite pickup

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    Default Keep ringing extensions despite pickup

    I have a GSM gate connected to the Epygi which works fine. It is configured under extension 14.

    My ITSPs come in on virtual extension 95-99 and are set up under MER to go to extention 11, 13 and 15. When nobody picks up it moves on to extension 14 (my GSM).

    I would like to include extension 14 (my GSM) into my MER because it takes too long to reach my mobile phone. The caller already hangs up. The problem is that the GSM gate actually picks up the line, and then dials my mobile number.

    Is there any way to keep the other phones ringing? And - if at all possible -when one of the other extensions picks up, cut off the connection with extension 14?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Unfortunately no... it sounds like you are using an fxo to GSM device.

    Once the caller is presented with teh FXO port the call is considered to be answered.

    There are no work arounds for this in that type of environment unless I am mistaken.... (enter Davids wise words of wisdom after this post )



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    Thank you for your quick reply.

    It is not an FXO port. The equipment is an VOIP GSM gate (Portech MV 370). It registers to the Epygi just like an IP phone under standard sip protocol.

    However, it will answer the call first and then forward it. It will give a second ring tone, which is the true ring tone of the mobile phone ringing.

    Would that change the situation?

    Could I set up some type of pseudo-conference call where any of the parties can "hang up" or be forced to hang up?

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    I have heard o the portech device, but because they appear to have answered the call first then dial the destination and put the caller through there wouldnt be anything you can do about it.

    Try with portech themselves ... do they have a setting inside the gsm router that establishes the call to the mobile before answering the incoming call..

    Ask the guys in Portech they might even have the answer.... the Quadro is working as it should and has nothing to do with this at all... the portech is the key..


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    You are right! I did some digging and you can set the device to answer after the mobile phone picks up. I didn't know that.

    Just for anybody else who needs it, it's under mobile/settings/LAN Answer Mode of the device's web interface.

    Thanks a lot, Kevin.

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