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Thread: Lastest QuadroM gateway firmware

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    I updated the unit to the latest version of firmware and so far so good.

    thanks everyone
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    Thanks all, the latest firmware did solved the problem..

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    Default QuadroM latest f/w as of today???

    Our QuadroM-E1T1 30 has been running as an E1-T1 converter with the following f/w for years, no issues:

    Boot loader: 4.1.12/Release
    Firmware Version: 5.0.21GW/Release

    Now we'd like to reconfigure it for use as a SIP trunk gateway... I'm wandering what the latest f/w for this hardware is and how I can go about getting it...

    Thanks !

    Shnorhakalutyun !

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    The latest FW for this Quadro is 5.3.2 and it is located in Epygi web:
    Support Center » Downloads » Gateway Solutions » QuadroM E1/T1-RM Single Port Gateway » Software » QuadroM-E1/T1 RM Single Port Gateway Software 5.3.2


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    Barev dzez, Ashot!

    Unfortunately when I log into Support Center, I don't see Download link. Could it be because our Epygi unit is back from 2008 and is no longer under any kind warranty or support? Is there a way to get support for a price then?

    Thanks again!!!

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    Hello Abu,

    Well, it seems to me your account status is is not privileged for access to "Downloads" section. You need to register at least one Quadro(serial number) in order to be able to access "Downloads" section. So please, either register a Quadro to your account or contact Epygi Tech Support and ask them for your account status change.


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    Default is some info for you

    At the most basic level, the job of the VoIP gateway is to do just as the name suggests: convert the regular analog voice borne by the traditional telephone network into IP data packets for transmission on the Internet and vice versa. Of course, Epygi never does anything at a basic level. Epygi Gateways offer built-in auto-configuration, firewall and secure VPN support, call quality enhancements and even PBX functions like auto-attendant, voice mail and call statistics.

    Quadro FXO 4 Gateway
    Quadro ISDN Gateway
    Quadro FXS 26 Gateway
    QuadroM E1/T1 Gateway
    QuadroM Dual E1/T1 Gateway

    The bonus features come in handy when you use Quadro gateways to integrate branch offices onto the company IP PBX network. They're valuable for migrating your legacy PBX onto the Internet. And they're keen for service providers delivering voice applications via the Web.

    Hoarding In U.P

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