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Thread: Hotcall Settings Problem no Location Countries

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    Question Hotcall Settings Problem no Location Countries


    Any one seen know how to fix Hotcall when no coutries show in the settings drop down?


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    What are the Windows and HotCall versions you are using? As far as I know HotCall reads this information from Windows registry file, is it possible that there is some software that blocks access to registry file for 3-rd part software(HotCall)?

    i would suggest first to try to uninstall and reinstall the HotCall.


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    There was a bug in older versions of HatCall, which prevents the country list from loading the first time when you run the plugin. But as soon as you run that again, the list should show up...

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    I 'm using Windows 7 abd Outlook 2007 : no location country.

    Any suggest ?

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