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    I have a Quadro 16x with snom 320/360s and we would like to have the ability to make announcements via the phone system. I found a VOIP loudspeaker ( tml) and wanted to know if there was a way to simultaneously call two extensions at the same time.I looked at the intercom feature, but this only seems to work in the absence of other Caller ID based services, such as many extension ringing.These VOIP loudspeakers auto-answer calls, so all I need is the ability to place a call to multiple endpoints at once. Any suggestions?Edited by: phoenixschool

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    Hi Kevin,

    did you try to use the "Paging Group" extension type? ("Extension Management"->"Add"->"Type=Paging Group")

    It is originally designed to be used with Aastra480e, Aastra480i and Snoms, but it might help in your case too.



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    Thanks DVR,
    Yes, that should work. I'll give this a shot as soon as I get the VOIP loudspeakers.

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