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Thread: the uploaded image is invalid

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    Default the uploaded image is invalid

    i am trying to update my quadroISDN gw from version 5.0.26 to the latest version 5.1.14. During the update process the quadro return an error:

    The uploaded image is invalid
    image check: not valid
    current software version: unkwown
    new software version: unknown

    The strange thing is inside the download area:
    Support Center » Downloads » QuadroISDN Gateway Software 5.1.14
    It is specified that the firmware size for the version 5.1.14 is 20,098 KB but if i try to download it the size is 13,4 MB.
    Probably the source file is corrupted?

    Any idea about this problem?

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    There was such problem, but it is fixed. Try downloading again now..

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