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    On a 4x, I am using one of the FXS lines for a automatic gate system entry panel (which is actually a specially designed analogue speaker phone). When the button on the panel is pressed it dials a preconfigured Epygi extension so that the gate can then be opened with a set of DTMF tones. The panel can also be called to open the gate remotely for entry or exit, effectively making a cellphone a gate remote.
    However, sometimes the DTMF fails and it is necessary to redial. Problem is that the gate panel hangs onto the line for a futher minute by default, with the result that it can't be called again until the panel times out.

    So, does anyone to know a way to force a FXS extension hangup when the incoming call to it terminates? Something like a power disconnect on incoming call hangup? The panel will terminate a call if it is momentarily disconnected from the line....


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    So, does anyone to know a way to force a FXS extension hangup when the incoming call to it terminates?

    If you connect some kind of not-user-operated device on the FXS line, it is always useful to go and modify the default FXS Line "disconnect" settings. You can find them at "Telephony->Line Settings->Onboard Line Settings". Clink on the line and set some "Remote Party Disconnect Indication". "Power Disconnect" Indication would be the most probably option for most devices.

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    Some theory: this problem comes from the fact, that by default in case of remote party disconnection Quadro doesn't provide any disconnect indication to the phone, giving an immediate dialtone insted. This is very convenient for the human (as he doesn't need to hook-flash after the remote party hangup, but can immediately dial new number). But this could create problems, if there is not an regular phone operated by human, but some kind of other device attached to the FXS line. In that cases it worth to alter the default setting.

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