hi guys...........

actually I have post some questions before but no one has replied me... but it is okey

now I have four issues :
1. now my clients now are asking me if there is an option in the epygi system to make announcments through the speaker of the phone at achudled time. for example during the break time at office, we can announce for something.

2. also is there any option we can make to the voice mail to be active and work only for the calls coming from the PSTN and no from the PBXm so we can keep our memory storage.

3. is there any option in epygi so that I can delet my voice mail box at schduled time for example, delete the messages every two days.

4. my system is
Boot loader: 3.1.31/Release.
Firmware Version: 5.0.17/Release

is there any update available for that.

thats all and please guyes help me on thst it is an urgent matter

and thanks alot in advance