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Thread: Remove @ from Caller ID

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    Default Whoo Hooo!!!

    Thanks Dav Taht worked like a charm!!! As always you guys rock!

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    Thumbs up Whoo Hooo!!!

    Thanks Dav That worked like a charm!!! As always you guys rock!

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    Nice to hear that

    This is one more reason for nitrox to try this solution once more... maybe it'll help him this time..

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    I have tried once more and it is working. Davrays you were right as always . Thanks for your help.

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    I have the same problem.

    Here is a normal outgoing rule (through provider sip) :
    0* NDS: 1 SIP No 35* NDS: 3 Prefix: 063889881

    For example, when the extension 351 call 0XXXXXXX the end person see 063889881 in his phone. No problem for this.

    Here is a normal incoming call rule :
    063889881 NDS: 9 Prefix: 350 PBX Prefix: 0

    For example, when a person from (0495430338) call 063889881 from his mobile the phone 350 ring. The phone receive for ex : 00495430338 <00495430338@>

    When I want to callback from the phone I receive "User Not Found" in the stats (like I have read).

    If I put the rule :
    *@* SIP PSTN/* I receive "Declined" in the stats.

    I have try to put the rule ( is the address IP of the quadro) :
    *@* SIP * I receive "Refused" in voice not in the stats.

    Do you have an other idea for me please ?

    I use snom320 phone. Is there a parameter to prevent callback with full sip uri please ?
    I don't find it.

    Thank you,


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