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    hi guys....
    here in our office we are using epygi Quadro4x as our pbx, and it is connected through switch and our server.
    and the phones we are using aastra and polycom

    here i have some questions:
    1) how to make paging correctly to all the phones? actually I have creat an extension for paging and I add all the ewtension but it is not workin some phones are working and ther other just recive it as a call especially polycom.

    and I have enable the intercom also in the epygi

    2) fax, how to send them and recive them?

    thanks alot

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    1) how many phones do you pahe at once? Don't to page to more than 8 phones, as you will overload the device. Better to use paging speakers if you want to page to everyone.

    2) too general question... Send them using Faxback (seach for "faxback" here in the forum), receive them either on FAX machine, or to the voice maibox..

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