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    I there
    I'm having a little annoying problem with one extension.
    I have a Quadro 2xi with Boot loader: 3.0.29/Release Firmware Version: 4.1.40/Release.

    All the phones are Grandstream BT100. In one of the extensions when I make a call through the ISDN I don't ear anything not even the ring tone, but the other end ears me.
    when i make the same call through a sip provider it works fine, i cant find the problem to correct it. Can you guys give some help about this subject.

    The other problem is, sometimes when i'm in the middle of a received call through the isdn i ear very loud beeps and the call disconnects, any idea?

    Best regards
    António Santos.

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    Quadro 4.1.40 is early firmware, I would suggest to upgrade it to the latest 5.1.19 firmware to start unless you desperately need 4.1.40 ....

    I would also check the provisioning of the BT100 handset and verify its settings and also is it a remote extension or is it a Lan side extension ? What is different about this telephone compared to the others ?


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    The problem isn't on the phone, because if I configure another extension on that phone it works fine. So the problem is with the extension.

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    Take a back up of your Quadro, then upgrade the Epygi Quadro firmware, then delete the extension, and re-enable it and try again.

    Does it then do the same ?



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