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Thread: Using alias instead IP address

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    Question Using alias instead IP address

    Hello !

    Would it be possible in future firmware version to use alias (like instead of IP address in :

    - filtering rules (i.e. to allow traffic with ITSP SIP proxy with two or more IP addresses),

    - SIP tunnels (i.e. to allow master device without fixed IP address - defined by in Master device IP field) ?

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    I also note that I had trouble creating SIP routes to other Quadro's using DNS names instead of IP.

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    I don't think we will do that... This could create too much trouble, for example in the case of SIP Tunnel. If the IP of that will dynamically change, Quadro will lose registration for some time, as it is not notified of IP chnage at the remote end. The master device should have static IP.

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    The argument provided is well understood for SIP Proxies.

    But it makes things difficult for Management Access and remote extensions, especially when their MAC addresses are recorded as part of an IP Line setup.

    Allowing us to manage a client's PBX from another site over HTTPS, without having to resort to setting up a VPN first, will be a godsend. No more Teamviewer to a PC with static IP just to access the specific Epygi, so the static or dynamic IP you happen to connect from, is added on the allowed list, in order to access the Epygi normally and make a few changes.

    Allowing remote extensions for connect directly to Epygi, from a prearranged FQDN along with their MAC Address and a strong password, boosts security and makes it quite easy to call out and receive calls through an Epygi almost from everywhere.

    For the above to be feasible, a "Manage FQDN or URL Pool Group" will have to be defined, and the IP Line Settings the MAC Address needs to be activated, when Other is selected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medoneit View Post
    I also note that I had trouble creating SIP routes to other Quadro's using DNS names instead of IP.
    With the newer firmware version, one can now create routing rule using dns name. Just make sure to add it to the detination epygi so that it knows it alias (else it won't respond)

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    I don't figure we will do that. This could make a great deal of burden, for example by virtue of SIP Tunnel. If the IP of that will logically change, Quadro will lose enlistment for a long time, as it isn't educated regarding IP change at the remote end.

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