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Thread: Intercom and Paging ringing phones

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    Default Intercom and Paging ringing phones

    We have Snom 320s connected to an epygi and when we activate the paging group or intercom the phones ring instead of going "Off Hook". We have used this function on other snom 320 with no problem. Is there a setting on the snom that could be causing this?

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    Are those phones autoprovisioned?

    If not, try to factory-reset them to get the settings from the Quadro. This may solve the problem. Alternatively, if you want to configure the phone manually, look for "´Answer After´ Policy" setting in the Snom (it is at the "Behaviour" tab of Adanced settings).

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    Changing the settings on the Snom worked. Thanks Much!!

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    Default Intercom in Yealink Phones

    Please could you confirm if the Intercom is possible in Yealink Phones, i have model SIP-T26P and SIP-T20P,

    Thanks in advance

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