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    A customer requires timed unconditional call forward. Regular hours go to reception. After hours to AA using *4. The customer requests that this function should be automatic.

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    You can achieve this result with the call routing table or using a custom VXML script.
    It might be easier to use the call routing table, so create two nearly identical rules in the call routing table for 00, and specify the date and time each is available so it matches your in hour / after hours requirement.
    During office hours, use the 00 call route to send the call to PBX-<Reception extension> and after hours send the call to PBX-00 (or whatever extension the AA is on).
    On your incoming trunks (FXO, ITSP) you need to set the call type to Auto-00 instead of PBX-00 so that the Quadro uses the CR table.
    I can't remember the exact screens to do this, but I can check when I'm back in front of the Quadro tomorrow.


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