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    Question Aastra 9133i

    I have 2 remote extensions off of a QuadroM32x - - both extensions are in the same public IP - - I have a Netgear router set up at the remote site - - I have port 5060 to ip x.x.x.102 and 3000 to ip x.x.x.102 - - as well I have port 5061 to ip x.x.x.103 and port 4000 to ip x.x.x.103.

    I have made no changes in the Aastra phone itself - - everything seemed to be working fine - - all the sudden the phones would alternate as to who could make calls out - - while the other phone just seemed to have problems - - -

    I have the registrar port as 5060 on both phones - - the registrar server is that of the Quadro - - one phone has the local sip port as 5061 - - x.x.x.103 - - does anybody have a layout or diagram specific to the Aastra 9133i and how it should be configured with the Quadro?

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    I seem to remember that the early Aastra series had problems working from behind the same public ip address to the remote quadro...

    Sorry... I dont have the specifics.



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    Hey mate,
    We have discovered a problem with the new Netgear DG834Gv5. It will only allow one port to pass (5060 pass, 5061 and all others blocked) after the initial 600 sec timeout. (then you need to reboot the modem).
    I am awaiting a firmware update to correct this issue.
    I managed to get my two ip handsets working (linksys spa942's) by replacing the router. (with a dg834g v3)
    Hope this helps.
    Was a nightmare to find as well.

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    Sorry if this would seem too be too basic, but as you tell that "all the sudden the phones would alternate as to who could make calls out", I would suggest to make sure you didn't register both phones to the Quadro with the same username/password

    If you did that, you will have the exact situation described above..

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    Smile Aastra 9133i remote

    Thanks for the replies....I have discovered that in the Aastra phone GUI....I needed to have the local SIP port set to 5061. That seems to have taken care of it for now.

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