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Thread: Quadro 5.1.21 firmware

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    Default Quadro 5.1.21 firmware

    The 4x & M32x system events tells me that.

    New firmware version 5.1.21 is available.
    What's new/fixed?

    I can't find the firmware file or release notes in the support centre.

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    Try again The info is already on the web in the Downloads section for M32x...

    The M32x 5.1.21 is the analogue of Q4x/16x 5.1.18 - it is the maturity 5.1 release for M32x. It has all those bigfixes, plus the Recording and ACD features fixes.

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    BTW, the 4x system events cannot tell you about 5.1.21, as there is no such release for 4x/16x (at least - yet)

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    Opps you are right there, switching between unit confused me

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